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Designer Decor is covered by Public Liability Insurance for every function or event that we co-ordinate.

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Bridal gowns Bridal Gowns - One of the first things you probably picture when envisioning your wedding is the dress. Choose the perfect wedding dress for your body type by contacting one of our highly recommended suppliers.   starPreferred Supplier
• Olivelli
Catering Catering - Finding a caterer for your wedding is just one of the tasks that need to be arranged, but it is a fundamental one. Ideally, you want the best, but the "best" is what is considered best for you and your personal needs. So decide beforehand what your expectations are in a caterer.   starPreferred Supplier
• Harvey's Catering
Cakes Cakes - The Wedding Cake in its many forms is the central part of any Reception. Your guests will be talking about your cake long after the wedding, so give them something special. Whether you go for a traditional tiered fruit cake, or a more contemporary cup-cake tower, you will want to have only the best in flavour and eye-catching design.   starPreferred Supplier
• Signature cakes
• Cake Specialists
Centre Pieces Centre Pieces - Centerpieces help tie together the look of your entire table setting. The centerpieces will affect the linens you choose, the size of the tables and even the number of guests you seat on each table. It is important to decide beforehand what your likes and dislikes are and if you have a photo of what you want we can recreate it with ease.   houseIn house
Chairs Chairs - Sometimes a single element can transform a whole room at a special event. Your choice of chairs for your function can make such a difference, changing a setting from casual to elegant to downright sophisticated, depending on your selection. Go for glam with our Crystal Tiffany chairs, or we can offer you the basic plastic chair if you are on a budget. The simple fold-up white Wimbledon chairs are a popular choice, or even our specially designed white Chloe chairs that have a clear likeness to the popular Tiffany chairs.   houseIn house
starPreferred Supplier
• Tiffany chairs sub-
  hired at request
Cutlery, crockery and glassware Cutlery, crockery and glassware - We can assist in booking crockery, cutlery and glassware ... If you're in need of essentials for your party, we have choices of up market and standard.   starPreferred Supplier
• Sub-hired at
Dance Floors Dance Floors - For any event whether it is for a wedding or corporate event, if you want people to hit the dance floor you will need to provide one. Choose from black and white to parquet.   houseIn house
starPreferred Supplier
• Sub-hired at
DJ's DJ's - No doubt about it: Music can make or break a wedding celebration. It's the heart and soul of a reception and can send your guests home with happy feet -- or pained grimaces! The fact that you want to hire a feet tapping DJ is a given.   starPreferred Supplier
Jarryd Sunkel
• Jacques van Zyl
• David Ward
Draping Draping - Designer Decor was one of the first draping companies in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal, we consider ourselves draping specialist. We have a number of colours and have large quantities at hand. We can drape anything from marquee's, halls to main tables. If need be we can arrange fire proofing of the fabric.   houseIn house
Entertainment Entertainment - Whether you are looking for Comedians, Magicians, Hypnotists, Bands, Singers or Dancers, we are passionately committed to finding the perfect entertainment for your event.   starPreferred Supplier
• Andrew - Magician
Furniture Furniture - Many aspects of wedding planning are important, but handling the wedding furniture often does not get as much attention as it should. Your wedding furniture will not only be used for your friends and family to chat about your beautiful day, but can be used as props when people take photographs, video, and more.   houseIn house
Flowers Flowers - A wedding would just not be the same without flowers. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and her choice of flowers and arrangements should reflect her specific personality. Her flowers should create a look to make her wedding day special and provide the finishing touch to this very special day.   starPreferred Supplier
• Sue Baxter
Gazebos and arches Gazebos and arches - Looking for a Garden, Beach or Park wedding? Why not hire a professional to construct a gazebo or arch. We will stay until the ceremony is over and remove everything once you are done.   houseIn house
Hair and Make-up Hair and Make-up - From that last mascara touch up to finding the perfect colour lip gloss, we have got the very best in the business to ensure you look utterly radiant on your special day.   starPreferred Supplier
• Make up by
  Jacqui Geel
Linen Linen - The linen on you table can be used to create a more formal occasion or simply just to cover the table. Choose table linen that complements the event you are celebrating. Our table linen include tablecloths, chair covers, chair sashes, napkins, and runners, made from different fabrics and available in a variety of sizes and colours.   houseIn house
Lighting Lighting - "Lighting creates a mood," says event designer Preston Bailey, and when it's done well, lighting can make everything -- including your wedding flowers, cake, and guests -- look better. We can enhance any area with fairy lights or candle light, and should you require coloured lights we can arrange this too.   houseIn house
Marquees Marquees - Choosing a marquee supplier can be quite a daunting task. Because you can't always phone in for the perfect weather. A tent can lend a wonderfully intimate feel to any occasion.   starPreferred Supplier
• Sub-hired at
MC's MC's - The MC is more than just a funny guy with a mic. The MC should work with the wedding planners and coordinators as well as the venue, entertainment, photographers, videographers etc to ensure the whole event goes smoothly. They help keep to time, they help move people between places (e.g., if you are having a fire works display and your guests need to move outside to a deck area) but also between activities – e.g., cake cutting, dancing, meals. Perhaps most importantly, the MC helps set the mood.   starPreferred Supplier
• Dave Ward
  (MC and DJ)
Photographers Photographers - Wedding pictures are a cherished keepsake, passed down through generations, and often the only reminder of the thousands of hours and rands spent to plan one of the most important days of your life. Other than the choice of a spouse, the choice of the wedding photographer is the most important wedding-related decision you will make, and is not to be taken lightly.   starPreferred Supplier
• Matt Mason
• Alessandro
• David Weeks
Stationery Stationery - From menus to place cards to thank you notes ... our stationers are undoubtedly the best in the industry and will ensure all your stationery needs are catered to.   starPreferred Supplier
• Crystal Prints
Suit Hire Suit Hire - Days of the bridegrooms looking boring is a thing of the past. After all shouldn't they look stylish too. One can still go contemporary or show off their own sense of style.   starPreferred Supplier
• Debonair Suit Hire
Table Decor Table Decor - Each wedding is unique so you want your decor to show your personality and complement your dress and theme.   houseIn house
Themed Decor Themed Decor - Make your themed event come to life. We can assist with themed event decor and props to go with a variety of themes.   houseIn house
starPreferred Supplier
• Sub-hired at
Stages Stages - "All the world is a stage," and if you're planning an indoor or outdoor event that includes a band, guest speakers, special presentations, or a theatre production, your "world" better include a stage rental as well.   houseIn house
starPreferred Supplier
• Sub-hired at